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Hey guys, so the first trailer for Lone Survivor released this week. I had very little time to paint the hero asset on this film (2 weeks) but it turned out great and I am very proud of this film. As an avid CrossFitter I am tremendously proud of being a part of this film because of its close connect to the CrossFit Community.

Click HERE for the link to the trailer.

The AC130 plane with the massive side cannon at the end of the trailer is the asset I painted. Here is the poster:


I tried really hard to get the Pukie the Clown logo on the side of the plane as a nice little easter egg for any Crossfitters who catch it in the film but they requested to remove it at the last minute which is a shame :\



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Hey all, so it is a week away and I am eagerly awaiting the release of ELYSIUM. I moved up to Vancouver primarily to work on this film and spent over 2 years working on some amazing assets for the film. A cannot wait to see how it all looks on the silver screen and if the hype prevails. Here is the latest poster for the film:



Hope you all enjoy it as much as I had working on it 😀


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Hey guys!

Proud to announce the open enrollment of my brand new CGWorkshop!

Big thanks to Ben Eoff and Paul Callender for lending me the model and providing invaluable skin scans for this workshop.

You can click the banner image or HERE to check out the workshop!


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Want to give a big thanks to Jim Thacker for taking some time out to talk with me and help promote my new texture title.

Click on the banner image above or HERE for the interview!


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I am very proud and pleased to announce the release of my second Gnomon Texture Title!

I’d like to extend a big thanks to Steve Lord for generously lending me such a fantastic sculpt to work from, and Eric Miller and Alex Alvarez for providing me this great opportunity to share what I do with those who are interested in learning.

I hope you all enjoy this title as much as I enjoyed authoring it!

Click the banner image above or HERE to check out the title.

MARI 2.0 has arrived!

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Hey guys, so I am excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated Mari 2.0. Unfortunately I was unable to make it out to London to demo the software but was happy to record a series of brief previews of some of the new features you’ll be able to find in the program.

CLICK HERE to see the demos.

And if you scroll to the bottom of THIS PAGE, you’ll see my endorsement for the program.

Big thanks to Jordan, Tom, Jack and Michael from The Foundry for continually supporting my work and providing me these awesome opportunities.


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Hey everybody. Apologies for the serious lack of posts in the past 12-18 months. As this blog is dedicated to mainly my personal work and general PR, I haven’t had much development on either one of these fronts for a while. But all of this is going to change in the coming months. These new events include:

– My second Gnomon Texture Title featuring the new and improved Mari 2.0!

– Completely revamped CGWorkshops course featuring a new creature and Mari 2.0!

– CGChannel Interview.

– Possibly one or two videos in conjunction with The Foundry.

So stay tuned!!! And thank you for following my blog!