I am excited to announce that The Foundry has kindly invited me out to Las Vegas to perform a demo of my texture work on a recent personal project using their newly released program Mari. I am stoked to get out there and show some folks the power of the program! I will be there from Sunday through Tuesday and cannot wait to check out Las Vegas (have never been) and the attractions within NAB. I’ve heard its insane 🙂

I’ll try to post some more photos as they come!


~ by justinmholt on April 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “NAB LAS VEGAS 2011!!!”

  1. hello.

    i loved your gnomon texturing training.

    when will you realese a new gnomon video?

    can we watch a video of your work with Mari?

    • hey thanks man!

      actually i wont be working on my second one until sometime next year.

      i actually was wondering the same thing regarding my mari demo from NAB… i know they recorded it but i dont know if its been released anywhere.

      as for work in mari though, i will be teaching a course with CGWorkshops later this year. be sure to look out for that if youre interested!

      thanks for the support!


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